Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Siapa kata parents pilih kasih?

Sebenarnya aku byk nak tulis kat sini. Tiba2 idea datang mencurah-curah.
But my first thing is to say thanks to my dear Sayang.
Last week masa aku kat Borders aku belek2 satu buku, cukup berkenan tp x cukup duit.
Fikir punya fikir akhirnya aku memberanikan diri (dan membuang rasa malu) sms Sayang minta dia bayarkan DULU buku tu. Then he replied my sms : OK. FOC!
Wahhh! seronoknya akuuu! rasa macam terbang kejap.
Almaklum aku sangat jarang minta beli barang personal dgn Sayang.
Apa pun Thank You Sayang, I really appreciate it (I'll never take advantage on you ok!)

This morning i had a long chat with my ED. Yelah dah quite sometime juga aku tak borak2 dgn dia. Sejak aku MC dan dia bercuti ke Australia, kami tak sempat pun say Hi to each other. Kami ni kalau dah berborak memang lama...sbb kami dah macam adik beradik. Dia pun bebas nak cerita apa je to me dan aku boleh minta pendapat dia tentang apa sahaja.

He started to talk about each and everyone of his children. He had 5 children and the youngest is still schooling. he proudly told me how his Amir would survive the cruel world. Amir was very hardworking & loving son. The one who resembles himself the most. This Amir doesn't care whether his dad got so much money that he went out to do part time during school holidays. Yeah I salute this child. He got the right attitude.

He then told how sad...no, not sad but pitied. How he pitied his little princess. Little? Read 24!
Yes..she is 24 but act as she is not over 17 yet. She is the eldest but she couldn't be bothered with everybody. She is lost in her own world. Eventhough she is working, but money was never enough for her, eventhough she contributes nothing to the household. She never try to please the adik2 e.g buying chocolates or candy for them. Even after asking the little brother to iron her clothes! yesss...she sounded selfish and spoilt. To me she maybe not matured yet cause I know their parent raised her. Jarang sangat anak sulung bersikap macam ni kan? I just can't forget when her dad told me she blow her hair once at RM200 per blow! wow! that should really blow my pocket dear!

Then comes this Boy. This son of him is maybe born a leader. He is expert of manipulating others to do whatever he wants while he, himself sitting like a king. His dad said, he is the typical Lion! hahahahha...it's good Boy but you should learn to do the job yourself so that poeple don't get mad. At least do your part. But he is good at compensating those people. hmmm...at least he got good trait. He is not as good as Amir, but he is still can be depended on..not like his elder sister. No, I did not tell you that Boy was the second child, Amir was third.

The last were the young ones. Nothing more nothing less. Hisham resembles much of Amir while Zalina..she is on her own, neither there nor here. Takde kawan dlm rumah sbb jurang umur yg agak ketara. Pity her...kakak sendiri takde 'masa' nak layan dia. But I like her, she is bubbly and adorable. She was once asked her dad " papa, betul ke Ina ni anak papa?" just because she got dark skintone. She maybe dark but she is adorable with her glee.

So I concluded that what my mother said is true.
Ibubapa tak pernah pilih kasih. Cuma kasih sayang terhadap anak itu berbeza dgn cara yang tersendiri. Setiap anak lain kasihnya...berbeza sayangnya. Apapun mereka tetap di sayangi. tiada yang lebih dan tiada yang kurang. Yang membezakan cuma kesetimpalan atau sejauh mana seseorang anak itu berhak mendapat sst dr ibu bapanya. Seseorang anak itu mendapat yg lebih dari ibubapa sebab dia lebih berhak, bukan kerana dia lebih disayangi.

As for me...Aku sayang Ammar sbb dia anak yang lama aku nantikan. Hopefully he will become a good person. Aku sayang Riana pula sbb aku sayangkan dia, she my little girl...the only girl companion that I have. I hope we can be friend one day. kesimpulannya..I love them both, unconditionally!


wannie ross on June 16, 2009 at 7:57 PM said...

Alangkah lucky 'sayang' mu itu beristerikan you....:)

syahadah on June 16, 2009 at 10:06 PM said...

sapa yg tak sayangkan anak..dia lahir dr rahim kita..sakit menglahirkan tak terperikan..

beldandy on June 17, 2009 at 8:28 AM said...

ye ke wannie? I think it's the other way roundlah.

Dani, mmg betul cuma anak2 ni x faham semua tu untill dia jadi parent. Sama macam kita dulu.

kyra said...

btul lah tu, my kids yg kecik2 ni pon kadang dh pandai compare.. have to explain to them.. kakak dpt lebih coz dia help mummy more.. or kakak have to do difficult task, but still end of the day everybody will get sumthg... tp the truth is masing2 ada keistimewaan yg tersendiri, diaorg ni masing2 pelengkap our happiness....

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