Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cool contest

I saw this exciting post at Dani's blog and suddenly there's an alarm screaming from my Pinky (yeah..she my Lappie). I recognize AliceWonders being the online bag store straight away because I've been there. It's only the restriction of money restricted me from ordering at the moment. So I guess this could be Pinky's luck to win one gorgeous bag. With two clicks, Pinky screams again...she just saw the bag she longed to sleep in! Huh...the bag was so perfect for her and off course me, as the carrier. I knew I would be very proud to carry this MARY KAY ASH LADY LAPTOP TOTE BAG. And Pinky knew how comfortable she can sleep in that nice black bag. She started to complain how uncomfortable she is now in my normal white handbag. You know, I bought cheap, big, white handbag so I can put everything including her in that. She said she feels cramp sitting there with my books, keys, perfumes, purse, PDA, camera, compass (for what purpose eh?) and sometimes with baby diapers! Yeah...I knew that...pity you Pinky. Now let's hope that we win yah? Then you will have a new, nice, sleek home.

You see, that bag of your choice Pinky, have special compartment that divides a room for your and your power supply. That compartment is detachable and you can be inserted in my old white bag without being cramp with my other belonging. It has thick padding which they call safetycells for your comfy and safety. This one I like, they, even gave a detachable cosmetic / accessory pouch for me. Meanings my lippies & face powder can go into that, neat huh? That nice bag Pinky, has with faux leather shoulder strap with ergonomic handle. ooohhh...I started feeling excited about this bag of yours Pinky! It also has multiple pockets for handphone (will my Dopod fit in?) which is zipped and one easy access back pocket. Cool huh? Now let's pray this MARY KAY ASH LADY LAPTOP TOTE bag will be ours! we can be contacted at, right Pinky?

Well, you guys also stand a chance to win. Just log in to and follow the rules!


TashadeNatasha on June 20, 2009 at 1:17 PM said...

mmg beg ni dulu jd pujaan tasha kak.
tapi now i prefer bagpack, sbb nanti sakit sblh bahu. hehe

syahadah on June 20, 2009 at 10:54 PM said...

wah berentap dgn bell...kalahlah dani mcm ini..ekekekeke

beldandy on June 21, 2009 at 8:54 PM said...

takpe tasha, bag ni mostly atas bahu bel dari kete ke opis je..kalau jauh2 tu Pinky tinggal kat umah.

Rezeki pemberian Allah siapa tahu Dani...selagi peluang ada rembat...kekekekke


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