Friday, October 10, 2008

Garra Rufas Vs Chin Chin

Aku memangggg suka banget dgn ini fish spa. Jadi bila adik aku kata ada ikan tipu aku jadi very curious. Sebab lately aku tgk di mana-mana shopping complex pun dah buka mini fish doctor spa. Dengan harga yang amat kompetitif pulak tu! Being myself yg always suka cari fakta, aku pun buat sedikit research dan hasilnya inilah dia :

Credit to The Sampuoton Fish

Tilapia, Talapia
Scientific Name
Garra Rufa

Chin Chin Fish (Kiss Kiss Fish), also claimed as Doctor Fish
Doctor Fish

The China breeders wanted to market this fish, named them as Dr. Fish, so it is easier to sell to the market. Chin Chin uses Doctor Fish because Doctor Fish is not trademark or registered.
Who given the name of Dr. Fish
A group of well-known professors after researched has been done. It has been named Doctor Fish before Chin Chin came into the picture for more than a decade.

Chengdu, China
Kangal, Turkey

No Research done
Scientifically proven by many well known universities for its supernatural ability to cure skin problems.

Gained unscrupulous popularity by claiming as Garra Rufa or Doctor Fish to the unknowledgeable market.
More than 100 years of saving many from skin problems.

Just started 2 years ago when the Japanese started the first fish spa in Asia using the only real and original Garra Rufa from Turkey. Apparently, chinese see this a big market and great opportunity for fish spa business across China. However to start fish spa with Garra Rufa, they are dealing with high price and low supply. So, they trained a new fish just for the sake of attacking our skin and call it as Doctor Fish.
Why this fish appear in the market
It appears more than a decade ago and never intend for exporting. Due to a great research white paper done by Austria Medical University (one of the largest medical research university in the world) and published by Oxford University Press, it became popular overnight.

Nothing, Just for fun.
Therapeutic Effect
Helps to relax mind while nibbling, the process also elleviates beautification and smoothness to our skins.

RM 0.80 per fish
Price per fish in the market
RM 30 per fish

Normally at least 10,000 fish is require in fish spa, depending on the setting & customer allowable at a time.
How many fish require in Fish Spa
Normally at least 10,000 fish is require in fish spa, depending on the setting & customer allowable at a time.

RM 0.80 x 10,000 = RM 8,000
How much to invest for a fish spa with this fish
RM 30.00 x 10,000 = RM 300,000.00.

Yes, it is a cannibal fish. It eats each other.
Will the fish die easily
Yes also, depending on the spa set up. It is more into a question of environment adaptability.

It is useless when it reaches about 6cm, the sharp teeth are growing and it could be dangerous. So, Fish spa owner are usually advised to replace with smaller one.
How big the fish can grow
Largest it can grow is only about 6cm - 8cm. It will never cause pain, cause it is always a toothless fish.

RM 8,000 only
What is the risk of fish spa
RM 300,000.00.

Cheap and easier to start a fish spa. Of course there are some fish spa owner was cheated as Garra Rufa. So, when they find out, is too late, they have NO choice but to cheat consumer for the ROI. Worst are for those who known about it, and still telling customer it is Garra Rufa.
Why this fish use in Fish Spa
To provide the BEST and QUALITY fish therapy experience to their customers.

It will tarnish the name and fish spa industry for its non-effective therapy.
Long run usage of this fish
Customers will surely realize the meaning of quality and fish therapy.

By using this fish, it is better for leg only. This fish is more into peeling and not nibbling, that could cause unnecessary pain for our body unless baby fish is use.

Is fish spa for leg or body
It is a tootless fish and the nibbling process is meant for any part of our body. It will NEVER cause any unnecessary pain even the adult fish is use.

This fish peel, which means it will peel off our skins be it a healthy cells or dead cells. It just eat everything.
Nibbling & Peeling
This fish nibble, the suction power does not allow the fish to take off any of our healthy skin, but just the flaky old and dead cells can be remove by this fish.

For you to find out yourself!
Which fish spa uses this Fish in Malaysia
Sampuoton Fish Spa, of course.

THE CHIN CHIN - geng talapia!

GARRA RUFAS - the original doctor fish

So kepada semua haruslah hati-hati. Silap hari bulan kaki kita kena jangkitan fungus. Sebab Garra Rufas ni membuat rawatan secara suction terhadap sel kulit mati manakala chin chin memakan sel kulit baik yg sel yang mati atau hidup.


taichee~@! on October 18, 2008 at 12:23 AM said...


Nasib baik tak guna garra raffa tu! Hari tu wat foot treatment kat OU, mmg buat foot spa...wahahaha best wooo. terbang gak duit gue siap beli losyen dia sbb mmg best...

seriaira on October 19, 2008 at 11:04 PM said...

garra ruffa the original fish doctor chee while chin chin yg klon. kalau yg setakat buka pool kat shopping mall tu sah chin chin. macam yang kat selayang mall tu...


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