Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What a week!

My bad week chain started of with my little daughter had bronchiolitis. She would wake up at 3am everyday demanding me to hold her while she's sleeping. Then me myself fell sick because of mastitis. I was on MC for 2 days before going back to Kampung for kenduri Potong Jambul Riana. Then on Saturday evening Ammar is vomiting all his food intake at shopping mall! Sayang has to rush to buy towel while I'm taking care of the children. That night he vomits again and I urged Sayang to go back to Abah house (we planned to spend the night at his sister's house). At 6.50 am in the morning Ammar wokes up and asked for NASI. Realizing that he'd been very starving, I quickly fry an egg for him and fed him. He seems Ok on Sunday but vomits again on Monday evening. Then he had very watery stool while sleeping that I had to bathe him at 4 am! Sayang made decision to send him to clinic yesterday while I went to office as usual. But I have to go back to care for Ammar because the doctor said he cannot attend to the nursery at that condition. warhhhhh.....very tiring, but I have to face it...

Yang bertambah penih, depan dan dapur masih belum siap. Rumah aku dah macam tongkang pecah kena bom! adus!!!!



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