Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Kasih Ibu

I went for my fortnightly check up yesterday. It was supposed to be on 1st November but something urgent came out. Anyway, the check ups went smoothly as the nurses there were very friendly. While waiting to be called, as usual i like to look around.

There is a mother with a young boy sitting next to me. Sitting next to her is a lady carrying a newborn. I couldn't help myself from looking the newborns n smile. Then a name was called...the mother stand up and went to the nurse. The nurse then asked where is the baby...i'm puzzeld...I thought she might came for prenatal check up, but i'm wrong! The mother turn her back and called the lady to bring the newborn to her. Now I knew it! the newborn is belong to the mother, and the lady must be her maid. I just can't take my eyes away from her while she took off her baby clothing and weighted the baby. As soon as she is finished, she give her baby back to her maid and she...sits quietly next to her maid and son.

Well...maybe i'm a little bit emotional...but why in the earth can't she carry her newborn? why can't she let the son be taken care by the maid? after all that's her newborn!!!! she look as if she couldn't care less about the newborn. I just sighed slowly...and asked myself...where is the love....



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