Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Kasih ibu?????

As usual i'm listening to the radio while driving to the office. Normally i would tune to ERA because i love K&K but not K&K&K (Arggh! let's not talk about it!). Today, one lady or so called mother called the station and make me feel ..... emmm don't know how to describe her.

She, who named Dilla complaint that her babysitter loves her children dearly and like a mother to them. Whenever her children cried, they will go to the babysitter instead of her! At first I sympathize her but later I seems to be angry at her. You know what she told? She admit that it was her mistake to send the children on Monday morning and only came to pick them on Friday Evening! What is going on? I really can't understand! Of course the children more attached to the babysitter! who won't? when she is the only person available for the kids! Oh my god! Masih ada orang macam ni? Dan yang paling memeranjatkan aku ialah wanita tu seorang perempuan melayu! Seingat aku tiada budaya begitu dalam kamus hidup seorang ibu melayu. Well, may be I'm wrong. But still I can't accept what is she been doing.

Yes, I know that I judge her without knowing her reason. But whatever the reason is, there is always a solution to it right? She is working here in Malaysia...not somewhere foreign. Mileage? try to find nearer house then she can send the kids on daily basis which means she can spend at least a few hours with her kids. What else? work? everybody has their own job and we manage to work it out right?

Well, really I don't know what to say. I'm so sad on behalf of the children. What happen when they starts schooling? They will start to ask why their mother let them stay with babysitter for one stretch of time? Why can't they be like other who went back home after school ? and many more. I think this will affect their emotion and development. Before this I do heard a few cases like this but with strong reason e.g the mother work oversea. But in this case I can't think of any. I'm sorry for judging you Dilla...but you have to do something, if you really love your kids.



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