Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Big Boy!

I know I must jot this somewhere, just in case I kinda forget in the future. And plus for his memory.
First, I wanna congratulate him. For being brave and dare himself to complete this mission. Congratulation Ammar! On Sunday Nite, he manage to sleep on his bed inside his own room alone. I repeat ALONE.! Wooohooooo! (well I actually put him to sleep before I left him there) Clap! clap! clap!

We worked hard to prepare his room actually. He and Sayang painted the wall purple. I bought him lotsa glow in the dark stickers and Sayang had gone through a pain in the neck and back moment just to stick his glow in the dark stickers to the wall & ceiling. Fuhh! Next, me & sayang gonna paint his bed blue & pink. ( Blue for him and Pink for Riana) and I'm planning of some paintings or biggg stickers so that he did not feel alone in the room. He did todl us that the room is lil' bit hot for him so we thinking of installing an aircond in that lil' room. Then your room will be complete as yours 7 adik! Once again, mommy & daddy are very proud of you baby! will always be my baby!



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