Friday, July 18, 2008

The story of a Little Doll

I can't remember where did I got this story. But it really touches my heart.

Once there is a little cute doll. It wasn't an ordinary doll for its has a little magic that made her able to hear and move her little body. So she was very glad when her creator gave her to a fine young man. Her creator asked the young man to take care of the special magic doll and makes her his friends as she can be a good listener. The only drawback is she can't talk. Anyway the young man was happy enough to had a special doll like that. Because she can be his dear good companion.

Since that day the life of the young man drastically change. He don't have to do any chores anymore as the Doll do it willingly. Not only that she has become the most obedient companion the young man. She listened to every little things that the man told her. She even shared the young man sadness. She then will cry quietly in her heart every time the young man shared his sorrow. How she wish she can less his burden! The young man continue to live his life as colorful as the rainbows. He don't have to worry about the chores coz the Doll will always do it for him. He also don't cares if he face a bad day coz at the end of the day the he had an obedient companion to talk to. It's not an issue that Doll can't talk coz he prefer that way better. He hates people who can answer him back...

One day the young man met a beautiful girl. He never thought that he will fell in love with the girl but he did. Soon they were inseparable couple. They go everywhere and do everything together. He was so much in love that he rarely comes homes. He forget about the Doll that will always waiting for him at home. Whenever he comes home he rarely talk to the Doll coz it doesn't interest him anymore. He still comes back to eat and sleep but he started to ignore the Doll coz he's too tired to talk to her. After all she was just a doll! who can't talk...who didn't have a feelings. Well he wasn't told by the creator that the Doll do have just that he did not notice about it. One night he incidentally kicked the Doll while sleeping. Off the bed the Doll went with a quiet cry. She thought that he might pick her up in the morning but he just forget about it. Ah! she just a Doll!

The young man went on lovey dovey with his girlfriend that he loves so much. He wanted the girl to marry him but the girl keep on ignoring his request. Then the young man found out that the girl are only after his money...not his love. He felt very mad and angry that he feels like exploding. He quickly went back home and search for the Doll. He found her under his bed covered with dust! He smiled and clean her up. Then he started to talk. He told the Doll how his girlfriend lied to him...he told her everything! just like the old days...the Doll felt very happy and listened to every little words that came from his mouth. She even cry a little tears when the man started to tell her how much he missed his girlfriend. After a while the young man was back to his normal routine. No girlfriend and has good old companion.

Promotion after promotion the young man received and he became quite important man in the company. He felt so much happy with his life. He met another women and melts again. Again...he fell in love and so much love with the woman. and the stories goes back again. He forgets his Doll...and maybe will only searching for the Doll only when he need it...

Back at home, the Doll was so sad but she couldn't utter any words. She should have foresee this situation! but she choose to believe in the young man. And now she must face the music. She really wish she can go back to her creator and lead a happy life. But she can't. She also wish that she can talk back...but it may be no use for the young man hates people who answers him back. There she where to go...She then ask for his creator to go she can't stand it anymore. But the creator told her it's not time yet, as she must be an obedient WIFE!

yes...the Doll was the WIFE!



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