Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Do I need MC?

I've not feeling very well since yesterday. I had heavy head at the office and i went straight to shower when i reached home. ( I had to put Ammar in his tub to play while I'm showering) Thank God! it relieved the feeling of heavy head. But still i felt lethargic. I plan to fry the fish but suddenly the gas went out. errgggggghhhhhhhh! Now i have to wait for Sayang. I just won't let myself drag that heavy gas barrel to the kitchen. But he came back quite late, so we had dinner at 9 pm last night!

After everything was settled, the pain came again. this time I know I had to get the ponstan. Really, I rarely take pain killer because I believe that headache will disappear on its own. But when I couldn't stand anymore longer...I will pop it into my mouth! When I feel like to sleep, Ammar thought of something else. He wanted to play at 10pm! wargggggghhhh! baby can't you go to sleep as usual? Mommy need a rest...but he won't understand. He went on and on and on...peeping his daddy, kissing his daddy, laughing, trying to bite daddy's nipple....hahahahah babyboy!

So I woke up with the feeling that I don't know how to express. Tired, sleepy, sore throat, light headache, unable to open my eyes.....Anyway, I have something important to do today, that's why I'm in the office. No MC, no EL, No nothing! All i need now is 100 PLUS!


smile said...

dah ok ke?

seriaira on April 10, 2007 at 4:40 PM said...

ok sikit la smile..pagi tadi terus pi beli 100 plus!


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