Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Black tuesday.....

mmmm....sebenarnya aku memandu menuju pejabat dengan 1/4 hati. Ingatan aku lekat pada wajah Ammar yang mencebik seperti hendak menangis but he brave himself knowing that I have to go to the office. Perasaan aku ketika memandu sama seperti perasaan aku kali pertama meninggalkan dia di nursery untuk ke pejabat setahun yang lalu. Hingga ke saat aku type posting ini, aku masih tiada mood untuk berbuat apa-apa.

He's recovering but not completely healed. He's strong little boy and he fight like a hero! Luckily he is breastfeeding. I guess that makes him more stronger in fighting the virus. Plus he loves plain water that I don't have to force him to drink. He likes to eat but the virus seems to held back his appetite but still he crave for tasty food. Anyway I put all his ffod in the freezer so that it will be cooled and wouldn't hurt his ulcer.

Dear my babyboy, you must fight the virus with all the love we shower you with, with all the goodness of my milk and with your steady strength! Mommy and daddy loves you many many many many many many......



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